Critical mass – basil and mint for all

Abundant and multiple varieties of basil and mint – oh what a joy to the senses. It seems that we have reached a critical mass and that the uninvited basil / mint feeders can eat to their hearts content and we, the humans, still have as much as we would like.

Small tomatoes and tiny strawberries – one for everyone. But they need to be picked quickly or our creepy crawly friends get there first.

Happy holidays to all and looking forward to our 2015 gardening adventures.

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Critter control

caterpillarEarly on in our gardening adventures, we were dismayed to find these pesky beasts decimating our basil and mint.

They may be a pretty green, but in our view they’re criminals. When we find them, they take the fast train — that is, we throw them over the fence.

On the other side of that fence, there is a train line. What happens to them on the wrong side of the tracks is none of our business.

It may sound cruel, but it  works for us. Snails and slugs get the same treatment, although we also try to deter them with broken eggshells around the seedlings.

At least it’s more humane than the ‘firm shoe heel’ method suggested on this Whirlpool forum. And less icky. I love the smell of basil & mint on my fingers after combing through the foliage for caterpillars. Continue reading Critter control