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Good news on soil sampling

Our apartment complex was built 20 years ago on top of an old rail yard, so we decided  last year that it would be a good idea to test the soil for heavy metal contamination. We wanted to make sure that we could grow our vegies and herbs without putting our health in danger. Continue reading Good news on soil sampling

Critical mass – basil and mint for all

Abundant and multiple varieties of basil and mint – oh what a joy to the senses. It seems that we have reached a critical mass and that the uninvited basil / mint feeders can eat to their hearts content and we, the humans, still have as much as we would like.

Small tomatoes and tiny strawberries – one for everyone. But they need to be picked quickly or our creepy crawly friends get there first.

Happy holidays to all and looking forward to our 2015 gardening adventures.

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